Learning from History

One thing we learn from history is that humanity is, on the whole, not very nice.
The message I take from this is that compassion, understanding and all things positive are not necessarily innate, they are learned and must be taught, otherwise negative things will hold sway.
I always try to find outcomes from situations where all parties benefit, to find the positive even in the apparently negative and to move myself, and others whenever possible, forward.
Most of all, when I meet children I try to show them how to find the good in life and how this always brings more benefits to all than focussing on the bad, no matter what, or how bad. I wasn’t bring like this, I learned through much trial, error, pain and hardship and I’m still learning. If I can help anyone skip a couple of miserable chapters then it’s been a good day. http://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/30463



About woofbarkyap

Lady of Leisure. Dog behaviourist. NLP Master Practitioner. Ebay entrepreneur formerly running busy central London doggy daycare with global door to door dog and cat travel agency. Interested in psychology, cognition, learning theory, consciousness, history, steampunk, rock music and dogs. Plus just about everything else
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